Venus Anadyomene

Venus Anadyomene

As from a
green zinc coffin,

a woman’s head with brown hair

heavily pomaded rises out of an old bath,

slowly and stupidly, with its bald patches pretty clumsily hidden;

Then the fat grayish neck, and the broad

and protuberant shoulder-blades;

the short back with its hollows and bulges;

then the curves of the buttocks seem to soar;

the lard beneath the skin appears as flat flakes;

The spine’s rather red;

the whole thing has a smell which is strangely disgusting;

one notices especially oddities which should be studied

with a lens The buttocks bear two engraved words:

CLARA VENUS; and this whole body moves

and then sticks out its broad rump –

hideous bejeweled with an anal ulcer.