The Cupboard

The Cupboard

It’s a board
carved wooden cupboard;

the ancient dark-coloured oak

has taken on that pleasant air

that old people have; the cupboard is open,

and gives off from its kindly shadows

inviting aromas like a breath of old wine;

full to overflowing, it’s a jumble of quaint old things:

fragrant yellowed linen,

rags of women’s or children’s clothes, faded laces,

grandmothers’ kerchiefs embroidered with griffins;

– here you could find lockets,

and locks of white or blonde hair,

portraits and dried flowers

whose smell mingles with the smell of fruit. –

O cupboard of old times, you know plenty of stories;

and you’d like to tell them;

and you clear your throat every time

your great dark doors slowly open.

October 70