FR: Les Stupra


The ancient beasts bred even on the run,

Theirs glans encrusted with blood and excrement.

Our forfathers displayed theirs members proudly

By the fold of the sheath and the grain of the scrotum.


In the middle ages, for a female, angel or sow,

A fellow whose gear was substantial was needed;

Even a Kléber, judging by his breeches which exagerate

Perhaps a little, can’t have lacked resources.


Besides, man is equal to the proudest mammal;

We are wrong to be surprised at the hugeness of their members;

But a sterile hour has struck: the gelding


And the ox have bridled their ardours, and no one

Will dare again to raise his genital pride

In the copses teeming with comical children.



Our buttocks are not theirs.

I have often seen people unbuttoned behind some hedge;

and, in those shameless bathings where children are gay,

I used to observe the form and performance of our arse.


Firmer, in many cases pale, it possesses striking forms

which the screen of hairs covers;

for women, it is only in the charming parting

that the long tufted silk flowers.


A touching and marvellous ingenuity such as you see only

in the faces of angels in holy

pictures imitates the cheek

where the smile makes a hollow.


Oh! for us to be naked like that,

seeking joy and repose,

facing one’s companion’s glorious part,

both of us free to murmur and sob?



Dark and wrinkled like a purple pink

It breathes, nestling humbly among the still-damp

Froth of love that follows the gentle slope

Of the white buttocks to its crater’s edge.


Filaments like tears of milk

Have wept in the cruel wind which pushes them back,

Across little clots of reddish marl

To lose themselves where the slope called them.


My dream has often kissed its opening;

My soul, jealous of physical coitus,

Has made this its fawn-coloured tear-bottle and its nest of sobs.


It is the rapturous olive and the wheedling flute,

The tube from which the heavenly burnt almond falls:

Feminine Canaan enclosed among moistures.