Rimbaud influence

“Hospital Productions unearths an industrial gem with reissue of Vilains Bonshommes’ only album” – FactMag, Miles Bowe

News article and photo from FactMag


r1-mini The project’s only known recording on vinyl for the first time.

For the next release on Hospital Productions, founder Dominic Fernow has unearthed L’éternité Retrouvée, the only known recording of Canadian/Norweigian industrial duo Vilains Bonshommes.

A collaboration between Canadian Hospital alum Contrepoison and a member of Norwegian black metal group Mare, Vilains Bonshommes released their only cassette in 2011. Over three tracks, the release blended icy goth atmospheres with poetry by Arthur Rimbaud… r2-mini – FactMag, Miles Bowe

Continue reading at http://www.factmag.com/2017/03/07/hospital-unearths-an-industrial-gem-with-reissue-of-vilains-bonshommes-only-album/


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