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“Listening to Patti Smith’s ‘Horses,’ song by song” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jim Higgins

News article and photo from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

636233773920883870-PATTI12P-HORSES-ALBUM-5554395Photo Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel File Photo

r1-mini  …. “Land” meshes a Morrison-like poetic fantasy, replete with butterfly, with “Land of 1,000 Dances.” Apart from her vigorous delivery of “Dances,” “Land” has never engaged me — I’m put off by its violent imagery. This is the song, though, where she makes her homage to the French poet Arthur Rimbaud explicit: “Go Rimbaud Go Rimbaud Go Rimbaud.” Luc Sante writes that the Johnny in this song is essentially the same Johnny that’s in William S. Burroughs’ “The Wild Boys”: “sex object and all-American Kilroy.” … r2-mini – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jim Higgins

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