Rimbaud influence

Stream Human Resource’s Self-Titled Debut EP” – Under the Radar NZ

News article from Under the Radar NZ

14702256_631149323721785_4687389901355232496_nPhoto credit: Keith Dador / Human Resources Facebook page

Arthur Rimbaud was referenced as inspiration to one of Human Resources’ pieces:

r1-mini There are excerpts from poems included in the lyrics. What are the origins and significance of these?

Tali – ‘The Masters Hand’ is based on the poem by Clive Holden, Tell Me The Truth. Clive Holden is my favourite poet – his way with words is unrivalled – honest, disconcerting and incredibly rich with love. Another of the songs references a Arthur Rimbaud poem in which he speaks with true rage at the disparities between the King and the Paris Commune revolutionaries. The other poems I have written through the course of the past five years. They start off as urgent lines or meditations and eventually expand and settle very sadly/angrily on music.r2-mini — Under the Radar NZ

Read the complete interview at http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/news/12247/Stream-Human-Resources-Self-Titled-Debut-EP.utr


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