Book / Rimbaud influence

“Patti Smith on Her Next Books, Taking Acid, and Getting Dunked in Urine for Rimbaud” – Vulture, Stephanie Eckardt

News article and photo from Vulture

Photo credit: Patti Smith

Patti Smith’s interview for her novel M Train talks about Rimbaud’s influence:

r1-mini She got dunked in piss for reading Rimbaud
At 16, she saw Arthur Rimbaud on the cover of Illuminations at a bus stop in Philadelphia and fell in love with him (“I think I sort of traded Rimbaud for Bob Dylan for a while”), as well as his poetry. She brought her copy to work at her first job as a “baby bugger beeper inspector” in a factory, where she made $1.25 an hour and wasn’t allowed to read. Her co-workers were mostly illiterate and told her to leave it at home, especially because they saw it was in two languages and thought it was a communist book. “I was an arrogant teenage girl,” Smith said, “so of course I brought the book the next day. So they took me into the john and gave me a lesson.” At least she got a song out of it: “It’s called ‘Piss Factory’ because I got dunked in a little yellow water.” (Rimbaud probably would’ve been proud, for what it’s worth.) r2-mini

Read the whole Patti Smith interview  at Vulture –


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